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The ETU is committed to looking after the wellbeing of all our members, both on and off the job. We offer a range of Health Services free for you and your family, to ensure you are all in good health all year round.

With our General Health and Skin Checks you can catch any concerns early and follow up with your GP who can provide treatment or further referrals. Our other services are also there if you require extra support developing a healthy lifestyle.

Contact us to discuss access to Health Services at our regional offices.

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2023 05 17 Centre For U Terry Wallace Class 16

Apprentice Development Day

This course aims to equip young tradespeople with the skills and knowledge they need to successfully navigate the difficulties of modern life, and to help them become a resource for their colleagues, friends and family.

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Dads Distress Scaled

Dads in Distress

Support for ETU dads when experiencing trauma related to family breakdown and separation.

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Health Insurance for Your Industry

rt health is the health insurer that has been looking after Australian workers for more than 130 years.  Our team are experts in health insurance and the Australian health system. We can review your existing cover even if you are not a member.  Contact us for help and advice on obtaining the right health insurance policy for […]

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Hearing Test

Hearing Checks

We recommend you test your hearing every year as part of your normal health check.

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U Turn

U-Turn Educational Program

Improve your resilience to substance use, improve your physical and mental health, the health of your family, and take positive action today.

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Managing Finances In Difficult Times Scaled

Banking Services & Financial Advice

Consultations with a banking advisor who can assist you with budgeting services and advice during hard times.

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Cheerful Adult Men With Disability Sitting At The Desk In Rehabilitation Center

Autism Information Session

Understand what autism spectrum disorder is, how it affects a person’s behaviour and how you can support and assist autistic people.

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Funeral Cover

Funeral Grants

The ETU provides members with peace of mind during times of grief, knowing that you can apply for a grant of up to $10,000 to assist with funeral expenses.

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Preparation For Work

Preparation for Work

Our consultants will work with unemployed members to develop the skills required to find, apply and secure a new job in the electrical industry.

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Baby Pack

Family Baby Pack

We value the importance of family and are thrilled to offer you a baby pack on the arrival of your new child.

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Emergency Transport Cover

Emergency medical transport services are not free and are not covered by Medicare. If you or a member of your family require the use of an ambulance, we’ll cover the cost.

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Legal Advice

Legal Advice

Book in for a free initial consultation for any family law matter.

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Loving Father Embracing His Cute Baby Son

Emotional Wellbeing for Expecting and New Parents

Our seminars will help you to be able to recognise the signs of postnatal depression and provide support to women, men and families affected by anxiety during pregnancy and early parenthood.

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Will Kits

Will Consultations

Our consultations will provide you with access to a lawyer from Gordon Legal for an initial consultation regarding your will, and a will kit to assist you in setting up a basic will.

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Counseling Hotline


The unlimited 24-hour hotline offers confidential support, for you and your family to access help with life’s challenges including but not limited to stress, depression, grief, substance abuse and financial stress.

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Injury Support


Myotherapists treat various issues such as sporting and occupational injuries, stiffness and soreness, chronic pain and overuse syndromes, symptoms associated with arthritis and other chronic musculoskeletal conditions as well as assisting with past injuries.

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General Health Checks

Skin & Health Checks

Find, prevent and reduce the effect of any health issues, including professional skin checks to examine your skin, beyond what the naked eye can see.

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Retirement Planning.jpg

Retirement Planning

Plan for your retirement to make sure you can live the life you want to.

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Problem Teenagers Secretly Drinking Beer, Skipping School Classes, Hooligans

Youth Alcohol & Drug Awareness

Knowing how to recognise when you or someone you know has a problem and understanding the negative health impacts misuse has is critical for all people.

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First Aid For Babies And Children

First Aid for Babies & Children

This course provides you with information and guidance to prevent injuries, and the knowledge and skills to provide basic first aid to children.

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Drug And Alcohol Awareness

Alcohol & Drug Awareness

Our course is delivered by trainers with lived experience of addiction, and are about raising awareness and shifting attitudes about these substances.

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Domestic Violence

Family Violence Awareness

Our group seminars provide awareness of domestic violence and the impact of it on individuals and families.

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Lgbtiq Inclusivity

LGBTQI+ Inclusivity

Our training covers topics such as gender diversity, inclusive language and anti-discrimination laws with sessions that explore the challenges often faced by a diverse group of workers and provide awareness on the impact that a culture has on their lived experience.

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Suicide 2 Edited Scaled

Suicide Prevention & Awareness

In this training, you will learn application of a suicide intervention model, the red flags when someone may be at risk, understand and clarify the risk, increase their immediate safety and link them with further help.

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Workplace Mental Health

Mental Health in the Workplace

We have a look at common mental health disorders in Australia, how best to manage and identify these issues and offer tips in how to assist people struggling with these disorders to get professional help and advice.

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Workers Compensation

Workers’ Compensation

Gordon Legal will provide general information about WorkCover, the workers’ compensation system and how to make a claim.

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Anxiety And Stress Managment

Anxiety & Stress Management

Learn about anxiety and stress and how to effectively manage them in your life.

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