2023 05 17 Centre For U Terry Wallace Class 16

Apprentice Development Day

This well supported ETU industry initiative is designed to provide younger workers (and those new to work in industry settings) with information, insight and awareness around risks facing young and inexperienced workers that can impact on their employment, on safety at work and on personal wellbeing.

The purpose of this program is to ensure that every young worker is inspired – through awareness and understanding – to thrive in their chosen careers, to protect their employment, to be always at their best, to work safely always and to also ensure the wellbeing and safety of colleagues and co-workers. 

For immediate support with suicide or related issues contact our counselling hotline on 1300 725 881 or Lifeline on 13 11 14.

2023 05 17 Centre For U Terry Wallace Class 16
Terry Wallace with ETU Apprentices for Apprentice Development Day


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Duration: 1 day

Location: Centre for U – Ground Floor, 200 Arden Street, North Melbourne

Course Description


This training module is delivered by trainers with lived experience of addiction and mental disorder and is about raising awareness and shifting attitudes around the use of alcohol and drugs.

It examines the impacts of these substances on health and wellbeing and the risks they pose to workplaces as well as to employment.

This training is to equip participants with the tools to make informed choices around alcohol and drugs, and includes strategies to help friends, family members and colleagues who may be struggling with careless or casual use of these substances (or struggling with dependence).


With a focus on building strong, respectful relationships and creating conversation around behaviours and anger management, this training explores gendered violence, coercion and control in personal relationships in the context of the law (and the rights of others) and in the context of workplace obligations.

It will open conversation and discussion around the importance of respect, of being mindful of the rights of others, of managing anger, of the right to feel safe always, and of the damaging impacts of unreasonable and disrespectful behaviours at work.

It also provides strategies on how to approach and support someone experiencing violence, harassment, bullying or victimisation (at work or at home).


This training module examines mental ill-health and stress reactions (at work and after-hours) and of links to depression, anxiety and to negative ‘self-medicating’ behaviours such as substance use and gambling. It explores strategies for practicing positive thinking, and for creating habits to manage stress and negative feelings.

It will open up discussion about self-harm and suicide, and of common symptoms and behaviours when carrying this negative thinking and examines the importance of connection and support, and of seeking professional help and advice when help is needed.

It also provides participants with improved understanding of red flags and risk factors indicating suicidal thinking and behaviours (in themselves and in others), as well as providing strategies for starting a conversation and encouraging ‘help seeking’ behaviours with someone who may be struggling.


Each Apprentice Day concludes with a 60-minute team-building session on positivity, the importance of values and aspirations, on empowerment, self-realisation and workplace leadership.

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