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Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) has introduced Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for the electrical trade

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Bright sparks do their CPD with us.

Keeping your electrical license current is crucial, and at Centre for U, we make fulfilling your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements a seamless experience. Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) mandates that all A-Grade electricians complete a CPD Electrical course as part of the license renewal process every two years. But there’s no need for concern—Centre for U is here to guide you through this requirement with ease and at no cost.

As a premier ESV-approved training provider, Centre for U offers state-of-the-art Electrical CPD courses tailored to the needs of ETU members and all A Grade electricians. Our CPD courses are designed to be comprehensive yet concise, requiring just 8 hours of your time to get you up to date with the latest standards and practices in the electrical trade.

By choosing Centre for U, you’re opting for a hassle-free, cost-effective way to maintain your professional edge. Our training is not just a regulatory tick-box; it’s an investment in your skills and safety on the job.

Booking your spot is straightforward. Simply select your preferred location and date, and let us take care of the rest. Upon successful completion of the course, we’ll handle the formalities by forwarding your CPD course completion status directly to ESV, ensuring your license renewal is as smooth as turning on a light switch.

Don’t wait until the last minute—secure your place now and join the ranks of savvy electricians who choose Centre for U for their professional development. Stay bright, stay skilled, and stay safe with our expert-led CPD courses.

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