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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for electricians

Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) has introduced Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for the electrical trade. You must complete the CPD course within the 2 years before renewing your licence. But you don’t have to sweat it, as you can do your CPD course for free at the new state-of-the-art Centre for U training facility, with the CPD Skills Maintenance course taking just 8 hours.

For Employers: We can deliver to groups through our mobile service. For more info click here.

For Restricted Electrical Licence holders (ONLY): book here.

As an approved ESV training provider, CPD courses at Centre for U are free to ETU members and all A Grade electricians. Just select your location and date to book in.


If there are no dates available you can call us on 1800 270 875 or send us an enquiry.

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  • North Melbourne – The Centre for U, Ground Floor, 200 Arden St, North Melbourne
  • Cranbourne – 27 O’Tooles Road, Cranbourne (Casey Comets)
  • Geelong – 67 Gheringhap Street, Geelong
  • Morwell – 42 Buckley Street, Morwell


Remote learning – 30 minutes

Topic 1 – Your Responsibilities

  • Watch 3 videos
  • Complete 3 x mandatory multi choice quizzes

In-class session – 7.5 hours

  • Topic 1 – Your Responsibilities
  • Topic 2 – Major Changes to Acts, Regulations and Standards
  • Topic 3 – Safe Isolation (practical activity)
  • Topic 4 – Mandatory Testing (practical activity)

7.30am start time, with 12.00pm lunch (provided) 

What to bring

  • Bring your own device (eg. laptop or tablet) or class one will be available
  • Digital or paper copies of the following (or class one will be available):
    • AS/NZS 3000 Wiring Rules
    • AS/NZS 4836 Safe working on or near low voltage electrical installations and equipment
    • AS/NZS 3017 Electrical Installations – Verification Guidelines
    • Electricity Safety (General) Regulations 2019
  • For practical activity, you must wear:
    • Long sleeve top
    • Enclosed footwear
    • Safety eye wear
  • Recommended that you wear:
    • Long pants
    • Electrical gloves
  • You are encouraged to bring
    • volt/multimeter
    • digital/analogue IR&C tester
    • LOTO kit

Course Description

This course is designed as a ‘refresher’ of skills and knowledge for licensed electricians working in construction, industrial, commercial, and residential sites.

The course will support licensed workers to keep up to date with safety, regulatory, technical, and other changes relevant to the trade.

The course covers responsibilities of the licensed person and includes regulatory requirements, CoES obligations and supervision. Major changes in the Wiring Rules, SWMS and OH&S are addressed, including the importance of holding a copy of the Wiring Rules.

A large element of the course is refreshing the knowledge and skills to carry out safe isolation and mandatory testing practical tasks.

Training Provider

The Centre for U – RTO 22719

Further Resources

Download our Course Flyer

View our Student Handbook

Satisfactory completion

To demonstrate your understanding of the course, a range of methods will be used including the following:

  • Direct observation/practical demonstration/skills check
  • Oral questioning
  • Quiz / knowledge checks
  • Teacher-led discussion
  • Peer to peer discussions

There is no formal assessment for this course, satisfactory completion of all tasks is required.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), does not apply to CPD courses.

Course Outcomes

After satisfactorily completing all the tasks required in the CPD course, your CPD course completion status will be forwarded to Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) for your licence renewal.

As an approved ESV training provider, CPD training at Centre for U is free to all ETU members and all electricians. Must hold a valid Victorian electrical licence that is due to be renewed from 1 July 2023

You need to bring your Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) – A Grade Electrician’s licence, with an expiry date that indicates your licence is due for renewal within 2 years, and a photo ID.

At the commencement of the course, you will need to present the following on the day for sighting:

  • A Grade Licence, clearly indicating expiry date, or your ESV CPD Letter notifying of course requirements
  • Drivers licence, passport or other forms of photo ID

For further information go to the ESV CPD website here.

When do you need to do CPD Skills Maintenance course?

A Grade Licence Expiry DateCPD Course Date
July 2023CPD Course- July ‘22 to June ‘23
August 2023CPD Course- July ‘22 to July ‘23
September 2023CPD Course- July ‘22 to August ‘23
October 2023CPD Course- July ‘22 to September ‘23
November 2023CPD Course- July ‘22 to October ‘23
December 2023CPD Course- July ‘22 to November ‘23
January 2024CPD Course- July ‘22 to December ‘23
February 2024CPD Course- July ‘22 to January ‘24
March 2024CPD Course- July ‘22 to February ‘24
April 2024CPD Course- July ‘22 to March ‘24
May 2024CPD Course- July ‘22 to April ‘24
June 2024CPD Course- July ‘22 to May ‘24
July 2024CPD Course- July ‘22 to June ‘24
August 2024CPD Course- August ‘22 to July ‘24
September 2024CPD Course- September ‘22 to August ‘24
October 2024CPD Course- October ‘22 to September ‘24
November 2024CPD Course- November ‘22 to October ’24
December 2024CPD Course- December ‘22 to November ’24
January 2025CPD Course- January ‘23 to December ‘24
February 2025CPD Course- February ’23 to January ‘25
March 2025CPD Course- March ’23 to February ’25
April 2025CPD Course- April ’23 to March ‘25
May 2025CPD Course- May ’23 to April ‘25
June 2025CPD Course- June ’23 to May ‘25
July 2025CPD Course- July ’23 to June ‘25
August 2025CPD Course- August ’23 to July ‘25
September 2025CPD Course- September ’23 to August ‘25
October 2025CPD Course- October ’23 to September ‘25
November 2025CPD Course- November ’23 to October ‘25
December 2025CPD Course- December ’23 to November ‘25

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