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Assessment Information

Student Information

Assessment Information

Submitting Assessments

You are expected to complete all the assessments specified in the unit learning and assessment resources you are enrolled in.

You will need to complete assessments on the day or final day of training.

You will receive full and detailed instructions on the requirements for each assessment, including its context and purpose at the commencement of training.

If you are unsure or unclear about your assessment requirements, please discuss with your Educator, before commencing assessment.

Assessment Re-sits

If you are deemed ‘Not Yet Competent’, depending on the units requirements, you may be granted an additional attempt/s of assessment/s on the day of training.

If successive attempts, you are still deemed ‘Not Yet Competent’ you must re-enrol in the unit and attend training again before being able to re-sit the assessment.

Assessment Feedback

You will receive feedback regarding the outcome of each assessment item. To be deemed ‘Competent’ against a nationally accredited unit, you must meet the requirements for all performance criteria that comprise that unit. These requirements are captured within all the assessment tasks for each unit.


All work that you submit must be your own.

Plagiarism is taking someone else’s work and/or ideas and passing them off as your own. It is a form of cheating and is taken seriously by The Centre for U.

Assessment Appeals

As a student you can lodge an appeal where you disagree with a decision regarding an assessment outcome, however we encourage students to speak with their Educator in the first instance. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of that discussion, you can request a formal review of the assessment decision. In these cases, please follow the Assessment Appeals policy.

Information Disclaimer

This Student Information for U content is correct at the time of printing. Changes to legislation and/or The Centre for U policy may impact on the currency of information included. The Centre for U reserves the right to vary and update information without notice. You are advised to seek any changed information and/or updates from your Educator or by contacting The Centre for U.

This information page has been prepared as a resource to assist students to understand their obligations and also, those of The Centre for U. Please carefully read through the information contained in this guide. All students need to read, understand, be familiar with, and follow the policies and procedures outlined in this information page.

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