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Australia’s first accredited EV Charging Infrastructure Course awaits approval from Victoria’s education and training ​regulator

The An Adept Workforce for the Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) Boom Project has reached its next stage with the completion of new course curriculum. Over the past three months the Project’s Course Development Working Group developed and signed off on two units of competency for the EV Charging Infrastructure design and commissioning course. The Project awaits formal approval from the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) which is anticipated for September 2022. 

The next phase of the project through October to December 2022 is the establishment of the Resource Development Working Group, who will oversee the development of detailed course learning and assessment resources for delivery of the Course.

The project remains in scope, on time and to budget with the first phase of the pilot delivery to take place in May 2023.

Key project Milestones

ActivityDue DateResponsible
EVCI Installation design, commissioning course curriculum completeEnd of July 2022Led by Course Development Working Group (CDWG) – Two units of competency (12-16hrs) 
EVI Installation design, commissioning course accreditedEnd of September 2022Submitted to VRQA for accreditation
EVI Installation design, commissioning course learning and assessment resources completeEnd of December 2022Led by Resource Development Working Group (RDWG)–   Learning resources, paper based and interactive
EVI Installation design, commissioning course on RTO Scope of RegistrationEnd of April 2023CFU 
EVI Installation design, commissioning course training pilot delivery completeEnd of September 2023CFU to 360 pilot participants
Holmesglen 140 pilot participants

For registering your interest to participate in the pilot courses and become accredited at the same time, please visit the course webpage:

The Victorian ETU is leading the way with the EV charging infrastructure training project.

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