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New Hearing Check Service added to Centre for U offerings

Commencing on Wednesday 13 November the Centre for U will be offering ETU members and their families FREE hearing checks in partnership with National Hearing Care.

Your self-guided hearing test will run for 20 minutes. Upon completion we may recommend an assessment with a clinician to determine the severity and type of hearing loss, along with what steps to take next.

It is important to protect your ears when exposed to loud sounds. A gradual decline in hearing, particularly at higher frequencies, is quite normal with age, but hearing at these frequencies can also be affected by exposure to loud noise.

We recommend you test your hearing every year as part of your normal health check.

The first step is to have a free hearing test. This is the best way to establish the current state of your hearing health and regular check-ups are important to monitor any changes to that baseline.

Book ion for you Hearing Check now by calling us on 1800 270 875 or visit our Hearing Checks page to book online.

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