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The Fathering Project Launch

Today we were proud to welcome The Fathering Project to ETU headquarters to launch our new strategic partnership.

The ETU leadership team and Organisers met with The Fathering Project’s ambassador, Rodney Eade, to to discuss our goals for the year ahead, learn more about The Fathering Project’s history to determine the project goals for our members in the year ahead.

The year-long partnership between the ETU, the Centre for U, and The Fathering Project will support ETU members in their fathering journey. Members will have access to workshops, fathering resources full of strategies and tips, whilst an ETU Dad’s Group for fathers to connect will be established.

About The Fathering Projects

The Fathering Project is the leading social purpose organisation working in over 400 communities across Australia, changing children’s lives by providing programs and resources, tools and support for fathers, father-figures, schools, community organisations and corporates. The Fathering Project works to help dads recognise and relate to their important role as a father and equip them to be the best they can be for their children. More effective fathers and father-figures means a generation of kids with happier, healthier futures. It’s all about the children, studies show that improved fathering can influence a number of positive outcomes across the board including, improved child development, school results, health outcomes and reduces substance abuse, suicide and crime and bullying behaviours, to name a few.  

Visit The Fathering Project’s website to learn more.

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