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April 2022

Women into apprenticeships, first 2 groups complete their electrical pre apprenticeship

The ETU’s Centre for U has now delivered two Women in Apprenticeships Victoria Electrical (WAVE) programs this year, with the second WAVE group just finishing.

The WAVE program is an initiative funded by Apprenticeships Victoria, and delivered by the Centre for U, that aims to increase the number of women entering the electrical trade. The program supports them as they make the transition from an electrical pre-apprenticeship to employment in the electrical industry.

More women are active in the Victorian labour market now than in the past, but they make up only 2% of the workers in Australian construction. There have been several attempts to increase female participation in the industry, but rates of participation have not changed significantly since the 1980s.

The WAVE program aims to change this by addressing the barriers to attracting, recruiting and retaining women. It provides participants with additional training, support, equipment, industry mentoring and connection to employers looking to employ women apprentices.

Under this program more than 30 women have completed their electrical pre-apprenticeship , and it this stage 12 (most of first group) of them have gone on to successfully gain employment in the industry so far.

Participants in the program enrol and complete a women’s only electrical pre-apprenticeship with Holmesglen Institute-Futuretech . They are also required to undertake training on Respectful and Safe Workplace Training, Making the Most Out of Being a Mentee and a Meet your Mentor session.

In addition to all the training, participants in the WAVE Program are matched with a mentor who supports them on their training and employment journey and connects them to employers looking to employ women. They have access to online preparation for work units, receive a Myki Card to cover the cost of travel, are supplied with textbooks for their pre-apprenticeship and receive an apprentice electrical test equipment pack and personal protective equipment.

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