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The Victorian ETU is leading the way with the EV charging infrastructure training project

The ETU’s $950k government funded EV Charging Infrastructure Project is a sustainable solution that will advance skills development of the existing electrical workforce to install EVCI charging stations expected from the surge of EV sales in Victoria. So far in Australia there are 55,000 EV’s on the road, out of 15 million cars.  The present ratio of EV to about 1 in 300 and is expected to grow exponentially over the coming years, much the same way as Solar PV and Battery Energy Storage systems. 

The new course will prepare licensed electricians to safely install and commission domestic and small business charging station infrastructure and provide education for consumers to leverage benefits of their EVs, including integration with smart grids and planned new energy systems. The course is co-designed by industry and consumers, co-developed by industry and educators, and co-delivered by EV specialists and educators.

The new face-to-face and blended learning training program and resources will be piloted with 500 electricians at Registered Training Organisations, The ETU’s Centre for U in North Melbourne Holmesglen Institute in Moorabbin and refined over the project period in preparation for future use.

The project will also include two awareness campaigns; one that targets electricians and communicates the need and benefits of having trained EV Charging Infrastructure installation workers and the other that targets consumers (who are seeking or recently purchased an EV), to seek out a trained EV Charging Infrastructure trained installer.  

Project Outcomes:

  • enhance the capability and productivity of the existing electrical workforce
  • increase supply of EV Charging Infrastructure installation and commissioning trained installers to support the exponential frown in demand for Electric Vehicles
  • increase capability for RTO’s and educators to competently deliver EC Charging Infrastructure installation and commissioning course
  • stimulate employment growth, supporting Victoria’s COVID-19 recovery
  • reduce carbon emissions to support Victoria’s Zero E missions Vehicle roadmap
  • give consumers with the know-how to leverage their new EV and charger to its full potential.

Expressions of interest for licensed electricians to [email protected]

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