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Workplace Support

Full time working adults will spend nearly a quarter of their life at work. It is important for workplaces to be supportive and comfortable environments for all people.

Our Workplace Support seminars and training provide you with the tools and skills you need to make your workplace an inclusive environment for all. Whether it is learning to deal with workplace conflict, mental health or drugs and alcohol support, or information on how to navigate WorkCover, these skills are crucial to providing safe working environments for everyone.

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Apprentice Development Day

This course aims to equip young tradespeople with the skills and knowledge they need to successfully navigate the difficulties of modern life, and to help them become a resource for their colleagues, friends and family.

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Preparation for Work

Our consultants will work with unemployed members to develop the skills required to find, apply and secure a new job in the electrical industry.

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Alcohol & Drug Awareness

Our course is delivered by trainers with lived experience of addiction, and are about raising awareness and shifting attitudes about these substances.

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Suicide Prevention & Awareness

In this training, you will learn application of a suicide intervention model, the red flags when someone may be at risk, understand and clarify the risk, increase their immediate safety and link them with further help.

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Mental Health in the Workplace

We have a look at common mental health disorders in Australia, how best to manage and identify these issues and offer tips in how to assist people struggling with these disorders to get professional help and advice.

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LGBTQI+ Inclusivity

Our training covers topics such as gender diversity, inclusive language and anti-discrimination laws with sessions that explore the challenges often faced by a diverse group of workers and provide awareness on the impact that a culture has on their lived experience.

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