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U-Turn Educational Program

Get back on track – Tackle your substance problems head-on

Drug and Alcohol Program

The U-Turn Education Program is targeted at those struggling with increasing alcohol or drug dependency. The program aims to improve your resilience to substance use, improve your physical and mental health, and encourage you to take positive action. U-Turn is run over a four-week period.

If you require immediate help, please call Directline, the confidential and free hotline on 1800 888 236.

To book or find out more about the U-Turn Program contact us on 1800 270 875 for a confidential discussion .

This service is free to ETU members, their families, and all Victorian union members.

Duration: 12 weeks (4 weeks of a therapeutic face-to-face program and on-going support)

Location: The Centre for U – Level 3, 200 Arden Street, North Melbourne Victoria

Program Description

This program is for anyone hoping to stop or reduce their drinking or substance use, or for any person seeking additional information and education around their drinking and substance use. It is also a program for anyone who has produced a positive drug or alcohol test result at work. The pre-program assessment conducted by qualified people will play a part in determining whether this program is the best solution for you.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Have you ever used drugs or alcohol for longer than planned?
  • Have you ever used drugs or alcohol when you didn’t plan/want to?
  • Have family and/or friends ever questioned your drinking or substance use?
  • Do you ever regret your drinking or substance use?
  • Have you ever experienced blackouts as a result of your drinking or substance use?
  • Do you ever experience guilt or shame as a result of your actions whilst drinking or using substances?

If you answered yes to these questions, you are not alone, and this program may be for you.

How long does the program run for?

For a total of 12 weeks – the first 4 weeks will require face-to-face (2-3 days a week, 5 hours a day) attendance at the Centre for U headquarters. There will also be 12-week access to a smartphone application that will commence from the first day of the U-Turn Program. Once the first 4 weeks of face-to-face sessions have been completed, the smartphone application will run for a further 8 weeks and it will include:

  • Weekly one-to-one counselling
  • Education tutorials including assigned written work
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Daily Meditation
  • Mood Tracker

What happens if I can’t make it to all the face-to-face sessions?

There is an expectation that participants make it to at least 80% of all face-to-face sessions – if your work schedule does not allow for this, perhaps other options such as access to a lite version of the app or another scheduled U-Turn program may be more effective – but call us and we will try to work with you.

What will I receive as part of this program?

  • Lunch is provided to all participants for the 4-week face-to-face phase of the program.
  • Each participant will receive a certificate of completion and participation.
  • If required, a letter for your employer will be provided, outlining your attendance and participation of a Mental Health program on an ETU letterhead.
  • Upon request, for those attending the U-Turn program as a result of a positive result on a drug screen, supervised drug testing will be conducted once a week. This may be required for legal or employment reasons.

What happens after the program if I still require help?

Consultation after the completion of the program may lead to referrals to other service providers such as rehabilitation centres or family counsellors.

Additional information:

  • Participants must be free from drugs or alcohol when attending these sessions – this is to ensure that each individual can get the best out of the program and ensure that other participants are not triggered.
  • Employers will not be notified of your attendance to this program.
  • No partners or family members will be able to attend these sessions.
  • On-street parking is available close to the location.

Eligibility – Support Services

To access Support Services for free, you must be:

  • A financial ETU member (includes suspended up to six (6) months)
  • An ETU member for more than three (3) months
  • A family member (of an eligible ETU member) who fits the definition

For more information read our Eligibility Policy

Other union members: please call 1800 270 875 to discuss your participation in the program.

Service Provider

ADA Australia

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