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New training facilities hitting the mark!

In September, The Centre for U opened its new ground floor facilities at 200 Arden St, and it has been a breakthrough.

On the eve of the ETU’s 120 Year celebration, we opened the new and The Centre for U team has delivered courses to well over 400 electricians since, with our most popular courses being CPD, Construction Wiring, Battery Storage and First Aid/LVR. 

CPD is the course electricians must do within 2 years of renewing their A Grade licence, and with great promotion in the lead up we have seen our CPD course continue to grow from strength to strength, word of mouth is certainly getting out to industry about how well the centre is set up and what’s offer. The testing equipment is second to none and this is the part electricians enjoy most about the course- it has been great for us all to see all the planning that went into the facility coming out through in the course feedback – we are confident we are hitting the mark!

The Construction Wiring courses use the same facilities as CPD and that too has been popular in the back half of 2022, with extra courses being scheduled due to high demand with the Big Build projects. We await our new equipment early next year to bring another element to this well-known and highly sought-after course.

The biggest edition to the ground floor training space has been the renewables area. We have invested and set up for Grid Connected PV and Battery Storage courses and with the continued offer in 2023 of FREE training, there has been significant take up of the Battery Storage courses from those who have done GCPV previously. There is absolutely no doubt the renewables are here in a big way, and the opportunity for all electricians to get advanced in what will be an energy game changer in the years ahead at on offer at The Centre for U. 

Be sure to pop into the new Centre for U next time you are at the ETU and have a look at your new facility or take an even closer look and enrol in a course for 2023! We look forward to seeing you enjoying the new digs!

To see what on offer go to the website https://centreforu.com.au/

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