Access And Equity

Access and Equity

1. Access and Equity Policy

The Centre for U will work to ensure all students have the right resources available to allow successful completion of course requirements. This includes flexible delivery and assessment arrangements where necessary, and language, literacy and numeracy support.

2. Purpose

To ensure all students and prospective students, regardless of differences have access to advertisements, services, information and support.

3. Policy

Access and Equity Principles

The Centre for U is committed to equality of access to training regardless of the prospective student’s circumstances, background or identity.

The Centre for U is committed to providing a fair and equitable learning and working environment for all students and employees.  In offering training, The Centre for U aims to provide courses and pathways where design, course content, training facilities and all aspects of the training and assessment process are available in a way that allows equality of opportunity to all students.

Each student has the right to be treated fairly and to conduct their training in an environment that is free from harassment and/or discrimination.  Refer to the Equal Opportunity Policy.

Employees have a responsibility to support and promote the principles of equality. Employees and students must respect the rights of others and treat colleagues and students fairly.

All students will have access to information and support such as:

  • Dedicated Welfare Officer to discuss training and employment matters
  • Human resource and industrial relations support
  • Occupational health and safety information
  • Complaints process

Educators will provide tailored support and have access to resources for students, as required.  Please refer to the Student Support Policy for details.

The Centre for U is committed to:

  • Identifying and removing any barriers to access and participate in training.
  • Ensure all products and services offered are free from limitation to users based on age, gender, physical, mental, social or other protected characteristics.
  • Ensure all students and prospective students are informed that The Centre for U will accommodate their learning needs.
  • Implement reasonable adjustments as necessary to ensure delivery and assessment of all programs meet student needs.
  • Ensure all practices are free from discrimination.
  • Where possible deliver education, training and assessment programs and services that are relevant, accessible, fair and inclusive.
  • All students are provided with information about access and equity issues and The Centre for U’s complaint resolution process.

Students have the right to access their records and change their details, if requested.

Access and equity principles are communicated to staff using the following methods: 

  • Employee Induction
  • Access to organisational policies and procedures
  • Annual Professional Development Activities

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