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WAVE success rate over 84%

February 2023

WAVE success rate over 84%

The fifth WAVE group commenced in February, with two more coming later this year!

Given the success of the Apprenticeships Victoria project, the ETU – Victorian Branch has now sought to fund and continue the Women in Apprenticeships Victoria Electrical (WAVE) Program themselves to ensure the WAVE momentum and strong uptake of women in electrical industry continues. Still overseen through the ETU’s The Centre for U, the program aims to increase the number of women entering the electrical trade and support them to make the transition from an electrical pre-apprenticeship to employment in the electrical industry.

All participants of the WAVE program have their textbooks and materials costs paid for by ETU – Victorian Branch and they also receive other vouchers to help them get started in their apprenticeship, making this a FREE program for students. Upon successful completion of the pre apprenticeship the ETU supplies each participant with an apprentice $500 electrical testing kit.

We’ve had nearly 50 women complete pre apprenticeships since the WAVE program started in 2021, with over 91% of women that start WAVE and complete the pre-apprenticeship move into successful apprenticeships, this is well above the pathway average! WAVE with its design, its framework and systems support women pre apprentices through the process to apprenticeship.

If this sounds like something you would like to be part of? The next 2 groups start in July and October 2023.

Please contact Jacinta at The Centre for U on 1800 270 875 for more information.

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