Dsc 6074
  • ulitity A

LLN test

Pre-Training Commencement Survey – First Aid CPR LVR

  • Reading

  • 1. Read the following information about Sally’s study and travel aspirations and then answer the questions below.

    Sally completed school at the age of seventeen and wanted a job that would allow her to work in many countries. Sally is now nineteen years old and is considering a hairdressing career. She has always been very fashion conscious and is fascinated by the way a different hairstyle can completely change a person’s personality. Sally often experiments on her little sister’s hair but is limited by her skills. Sally would like to complete a hairdressing course and get a job in order to save money and then travel overseas for a working holiday. With the right qualifications and experience, Sally hopes to travel and work for several years before returning to Australia. When Sally returns, she’ll not only have hairdressing qualifications and experience, but also many travel memories.

  • Reading and Writing

    2. Correct the punctuation in the following.
  • 3. Correct spelling errors that appear below. Some words may be correct.

    Write in the space provided; leave the space blank if you think the word is correct.

  • Numeracy

  • 4. You have $5. You buy two apples and a mango. Apples cost 60 cents and mangoes cost $2.

  • 5. A client begins his weight loss program at 85.6kg. After the 1st week he weighs in at 84.2 kg, after the 2nd week he is 83.6 kg, after the 3rd week he weighs 82.6kg, and after the 4th week at 81.9 kg…

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