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The guiding principles when dealing with complaints at The Centre for U (CFU) are; sensitivity, confidentiality and accountability.

The outcome of an investigation will be provided to the complainant. 

The Centre commits to procedural fairness, whereby all complaints are treated fairly and without bias.

Individuals who lodge a complaint are protected from victimisation.

Individuals must provide their complaint in writing using the complaints form on the website.

Complaints lodged will be assessed on its merits and will involve the complainant (or their representative), where necessary.

All complaints lodged will follow the complaints resolution procedure.

Where a complaint lodged is anonymous, it will be assessed if there is substantial information.

Where a complaint is lodged via a representative (individual or organisation), the Centre will correspond with the representative.

All complaints are centralised to the Training Administrator, who logs the details and forwards onto the Chief Executive Officer to address accordingly.

Complaints will be dealt with promptly and professionally. Acknowledgement of complaints will occur within 24 hours and a response within 5-10 business days.  Depending on the complexity of the matter, resolutions may take more than 10 business days.

In the event of delays to a response or resolution, the Centre will inform the complainant of the delay.

Complaints will be prioritised in accordance with its seriousness.  If a complaint concerns the safety, security or poses an immediate risk to an individual or the Centre, it will be dealt with immediately.

Throughout the complaints process, all correspondence is stored on the shared drive, including, but not limited to, notes concerning phone calls, emails and meetings.

If a complaint is against an individual, that individual must have the opportunity to present their case.

In the case where an individual is not satisfied with their complaint resolution, they can appeal the decision.  This involves an external individual to review the complaint and make an independent evaluation and recommendation

False, malicious and vexatious complaints will not be tolerated at the Centre.  Where a complaint is found to be inappropriate, disciplinary action will be taken.

Where investigations take place, all records must be kept strictly confidential.  

Breaches of confidentiality will be taken seriously, and disciplinary action may be taken.

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