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Mastering Financial Management

Ride the recession wave – Learn the strategies and resources to master your financial management

Financial Management Webinar

During a recession and a crisis like COVID, financial challenges could be lurking just around the corner – even if you’re in tip-top shape now. Such financial pressures can then lead to other problems, such as mental health issues.

Be proactive and get out ahead of the recession so you can successfully ride its wave no matter what comes your way. This webinar will teach you the tips and strategies to help you master your finance management if you find yourself adversely affected by the COVID-19 health and economic crisis.

This service is free to ETU members, their families, and all Victorian union members.


If there are no dates available you can call us on 1800 270 875 or send us an enquiry.

Available Dates

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Duration: 1 hour

Location: Webinar

Course Description

What if myself or a family member is affected financially by the Covid-19 lockdown? What are my obligations and options regarding home loan, personal loan, credit card and other commitments? What resources can I tap into to help me during this period? Is it always the right option to freeze my home loan repayments? Where can I get honest advice about whats best for me? We will go through these questions in more detail and have a Q&A at the end to answer any specific queries.

Eligibility – Support Services

To access Support Services for free, you must be:

  • A financial ETU member (includes suspended up to six (6) months)
  • An ETU member for more than three (3) months
  • A member of a Victorian union
  • A family member (of an eligible ETU member) who fits the definition

For more information read our Eligibility Policy.

Training Provider

Unity Bank