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Financial Counselling

Free yourself — Learn how to take control of your finances

Financial Counselling Consultations

Consultations with a financial counsellor from Hunterlink can help you break free from the patterns that create financial problems.

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This service is free to ETU members and their families.

Program Description

People from all walks of life can find themselves suffering from money problems and sometimes it’s hard to see a way clear. The session will assist you with facts about your individual rights, budget planning advice and future strategies to ensure ongoing and effective handling of money.

Eligibility – Support Services

To access Support Services for free, you must be:

  • A financial ETU member (includes suspended up to six (6) months)
  • An ETU member for more than three (3) months
  • A family member (of an eligible ETU member) who fits the definition

For more information read our Eligibility Policy


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