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Discounted LEA assessments for COVID-19 affected Apprentices

Centre for U is teaming up with Future Energy Skills to offer discounted LEA fees to ETU Apprentices who have been stood down during the crisis.

Fourth-year apprentices who have been stood down from employment will receive a 30% discount off their LEA Assessment when they sit the assessment with Future Energy Skills (FES).

LEA AssessmentPriceDiscountDiscounted Price
Safe Working Practice (SWP)$16230%$115
Licensed Electrical Theory (LET) $10630%$75
Licensed Electrical Practice (LEP) $27630%$194

How to Apply

To take up this offer:

  1. Contact the Centre for U on 1800 270 875 and we will check your eligibility
  2. If eligible/approved, we will send your details to Future Energy Skills
  3. FES will call you to book your LEA assessment required.


Apprentices must be:

  • Stood down or unemployed
  • A financial ETU member for >24 months 


  • LEA assessment must be sat at FES
  • The Centre for U must approve prior to the discount being offered by FES
  • 30% discount applies to SWP, LET and LEP Assessments only 
  • The discount will only be applied once per apprentice (for each of the three assessments)

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