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Raising Autistic Teenage Girls Webinar

Wednesday, 10/06/2020

9.30am – 3.30pm

Stuck in self-isolation? Join the Centre for U team for our FREE Raising Autistic Teenage Girls Webinar

This FREE webinar is for parents or professionals working with teenage girls. 

It will cover a wide range of must-know topics including:

  • technology
  • building resilience
  • socialising
  • relationships
  • sexuality

Increasing the community’s understanding of autism in women and girls is a key priority for Amaze.  The number of females being diagnosed with autism is increasing, and it’s likely due to a historical lack of research and understanding which has led to serious under-diagnosis and under-representation. 

Join us to learn, discuss and explore the big issues facing young autistic girls.



Jackie Sikic and Kim Drever

Jackie Sikic is a paediatric Occupational Therapist and the Director of Kid Link Occupational Therapy in Ringwood.

Jackie has been a paediatric OT for 11 years and prior to starting Kid Link in 2013, had gained experience across private, community, and school settings. She has experience working with children of all ages and has a special interest in supporting school-aged children with social and emotional regulation challenges.

Jackie enjoys providing professional development and education opportunities to help others feel more competent and confident.

Kim Drever is a Paediatrician who specialises in developmental and behavioural paediatrics. She is passionate about seeing children thrive by helping them to discover their potential and achieve their life goals.

Committed to supporting children from birth to 18 years with a variety of developmental issues, she uncovers each child’s individual strengths and vulnerabilities and develops individualised care plans that embrace difference and celebrate every large and small success.

Kim values a team approach to the care of children and their family. In particular, she believes there must be close working relationships between all clinicians, allied health professionals, educators and services, to promote the best outcome for the child.

Kim is a proud mum of three teenage boys. And it is in this role that Kim has faced her toughest challenges and celebrated the wins, no matter the size. Her boys have taught her to see the world from a child’s perspective, to be always curious.

Jackie & Kim will be speaking together on:

  • Autism and how it presents in females throughout their lifespan
  • Empowering families to feel confident and competent with a focus on the “end game” and what really matters to them and their girls
  • Case discussions to demonstrate how a therapy team can work together and achieve goals when the approach is person-centred
  • Taking questions from the audience that families have in relation to the challenges their girls are facing

Vanessa Thomas has an extensive background in community services, specifically within the disability and community education sectors. With a keen and passionate interest in autism, Vanessa has previously worked with Amaze (Autism Victoria) as a trainer and assessor/community educator, developing our Positive Behaviour Support material as well as delivering information sessions on autism.

Vanessa’s prior experience as Manager of Education Services at Carers Victoria and Manager of Community Services at Family Planning Victoria, as well as being a parent of two teenage daughters who both are autistic, have led Vanessa to being an advocate for the needs and wellbeing of parents and carers especially those who care for an autistic person.

Vanessa recently completed a Master of Disability Policy and Practice with her thesis examining the factors affecting sexual identity and sexual health literacy of autistic girls.

Vanessa is currently employed as Senior Review Officer with the Disability Services Commissioner.

Vanessa will be speaking on:

  • Why talking about Autism and sexuality is important
  • Why is it different for girls?
  • How to support the sexuality of an autistic young woman, relationships, diversity, porn/sexting
  • Autism, sexual decision making and consent

Willow Metcalf is a 19 year old university student studying Primary Education and Arts. She was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder at 14, and an anxiety disorder at the age of 9.

Willow found the social environment of school difficult and felt that it generally did not cater to her needs.

Willow eventually left her first high school to do year 10 by Distance Education, before finally completing her VCE at a senior secondary college that better suited her.

She has now gained her drivers license and enjoys playing instruments, video games, drawing, and spending time with her dog Ziggy. 

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