Men's Health Week with PANDA - The Centre For U

Men’s Health Week with PANDA

Monday, 22/06/2020

The Centre for U is partnering with PANDA for Men’s Health Week to remind any expecting or new dad at ETU to check in on their mental health.


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Becoming a dad can be tough. 

A lot of guys struggle. Many people are surprised to learn that around one in ten dads experience a mental illness either while their partner is pregnant or during the first year after the birth of their baby.

If you’re an expecting or new dad, or you know someone who is, the message to you this week is simple. If you’re struggling, you don’t need to suck it up. 

We will be holding a special Emotional Wellbeing for Expecting and New Parents seminar on Monday 22nd June.

Our seminar will equip you to recognise when you, your partner or others you know might be struggling with emotional or mental health when expecting a baby or in early parenthood, and the information you need about how best to help.

If you need immediate support, please call the PANDA national helpline on 1300 726 306.

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