Mega Monday - June - The Centre For U

Mega Monday – June

Monday, 28/06/2021

Join us at The Centre for U on your RDO for a Mega Monday!

Mega Mondays offer a range of services to help you make the most of your rostered day off at The Centre for U.

Everything on Mega Monday is FREE to ETU members and their familes.

First Aid for Babies & Children

9:30am – 1:00pm   BOOK NOW

Be prepared – Learn the skills to provide basic first aid to children and babies.

This program will provide you with information and guidance to prevent injuries, and the knowledge and skills to provide basic first aid to infants and children.

We also provide guidance on the legal aspects of providing first aid, infection control and recognition, and management of injuries commonly encountered by children and babies.

The Fathering Project presents: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of the Digital World

2:00pm – 4:00pm   BOOK NOW

This workshop is one of four across the year, and we kick it off with a hot topic, children and the digital world.

We’re raising a generation of children who are ‘born digital’ with no memory of life before the internet, and as parents, this can be challenging.  

Over two hours, the workshop will cover a range of key issues, including children and social media use, managing screen time, gaming, cyber bullying, pornography and sexting, plus much more.

The workshop aims to provide guidance to fathers and parents around this often hard to navigate area. You’ll be given advice, conversation starter tips and strategies, as well as a chance for an open discussion, and activities. 

You’ll leave the workshop feeling more equipped and confident in approaching and managing the digital world with your children, and have new strategies to implement in the home to ensure their safety and wellbeing.



Look after you – Treat & prevent injuries.

Injury is a major cause of preventable death and disability in Australia. Whether intended or accidental, most physical injuries can be prevented by identifying their causes and removing your exposure to them. We offer injury support treatment and preventative care management through individual consultations with trained and experienced Myotherapists.

Skin & Health Checks


It all checks out

Find, prevent and reduce the effect of any health issues, including general health checks and professional skin checks to examine your skin, beyond what the naked eye can see.

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