Assement Appeals

Assessment Appeals

1. Assessment Appeals Policy

The Centre for U provides an assessment appeals process for students undertaking accredited training.

2. Purpose

To provide students with guidelines and processes around the submission and marking of assessments and ensure that mechanisms are in place that allow a student to appeal an assessment outcome.

To ensure that appeals are managed and resolved fairly, efficiently and effectively.

3. Policy

Submitting Assessments

Students are expected to complete assessments for all units enrolled in. Students will need to complete assessments on the day of training. Students will receive full and detailed instructions on the requirements for each assessment, including its context and purpose at the commencement of training. 


If a student’s assessment is deemed ‘Not Yet Competent’, they are granted one (1) more attempt on the day of training (2 attempts in total).  If the second attempt is ‘Not Yet Competent’ students must re-enrol in the unit and attend training again before being able to re-sit the assessment.

Assessment Feedback

Students will receive feedback regarding the outcome of each of their assessment items. To be deemed ‘Competent’ against a nationally accredited unit, students must meet the requirements for all elements that comprise that unit.


Students must be enrolled at The Centre for U to lodge an appeal. Students can lodge an appeal if they disagree with a decision regarding an assessment outcome. Students are encouraged to speak with their Educator in the first instance. If students are not satisfied with the outcome of their discussion with the Educator, students may request a formal review of the assessment decision. Assessment appeals must be processed within 10 business days.  

4. Procedure

Submitting Assessments

  • At the commencement of training (first day) the Educator will provide students with an assessment overview which details instructions on each assessment that is required to be completed.  Detailed instructions are also provided in writing in the assessment booklets.  All assessments must be completed prior to their last day of training.
  • Students will complete and submit assessments as per the instructions provided to them by their Educator.

Marking of Assessments and Feedback

  • Student assessments will be marked in accordance with the marking guide on the day of submission.
  • All assessments are marked according to the principles of assessment and the rules of evidence 
  • If a student is deemed ‘Not Yet Competent’ they will receive feedback from their Educator regarding the outcome of each of their assessment items and are entitled to another re-sit on the day.
  • If the student is deemed ‘Not Yet Competent’ on their second attempt, they are required to re-enrol and complete the training course again.


  1. If a student disagrees with an assessment outcome, they should first discuss this outcome with their Educator.  The Educator to explain their rationale behind the assessment outcome decision.
  2. If students are still not satisfied with the assessment outcome, they should lodge an appeal within 7 days of receiving their result, using the Assessment Appeals form found on the website. The form must be submitted to [email protected]
  3. The Training Administrator will acknowledge receipt with the student within 2 business days, log the appeal in the Assessment Appeals Register and then review the decision against the assessment marking guide. This process should remain confidential and not be discussed with the Educator at this point.  
  4. The appeal details and independent outcome to be forwarded from the Training Administrator to the CEO on duty.
  5. The CEO on Duty shall inform the Educator of the appeal
  6. The CEO on duty will review the educator’s assessment outcome, the student appeal and independent/Training Administrator assessment and:
    • Make a final determination (internally) of the assessment outcome and complete the Assessment Appeals form – Office Only section
    • Inform the student of the final outcome in writing
    • Inform the Educator and Training Administrator in writing
  7. The Training Administrator to update the training result as per the Assessment Appeals form, close the item on the Appeals Register and scan and save the appeals outcome against the student file.
  8. If the outcome is still ‘Not Yet Competent’ and this outcome is accepted by the student, the student is given the option to re-enrol into the course.
  9. If the outcome is still ‘Not Yet Competent’ and the outcome is not accepted by the student, the student has the right to lodge a complaint with the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) and/or call the National Training hotline on 13 38 73.
  10. If the CEO on duty believes that the assessment outcome is incorrect, and the student should be deemed competent the assessment shall be referred to another trainer assessor for marking.  The student shall be informed of the outcome in writing.
  11. The Training Administrator to update the training result and save the assessment outcome against the students record.

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