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As one of Australia’s oldest unions, the ETU knows how to take care of our members. The Centre for U is just another way we’re looking out for you on the job, at home, and throughout your career.

We’re very proud to be leading the way in providing services to support all of our members and your families throughout your entire lives – not only when you are working, but when you are between jobs or unable to work due to injury, illness or hardship.

We’re offering a range of training opportunities for unemployed members to assist with skills development, including training in priority areas so members can broaden their expertise and become highly-skilled assets to the workforce.

Health and welfare services are also available to all members and their families, including free health checks, drug and alcohol support, and counselling services.

Offering over 40 services and benefits, you know you can count on us to have your back — through support for you and your family’s health and well-being, financial services, or career training and progression.

Being a member of our union is more than just industrial relations and work support. While these are extremely important, we believe it is also critical to support our members outside of these areas to ensure your health and wellbeing at all stage of your career.

We pride ourselves on being a collective family of electrical workers and as we know – family comes first.

ETU – Here for you.

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